How to get the Travel Insurance for Cuba

You can get your Travel Insurance in Cuba easily online

Sun, Caribbean sea, stunning beaches, exquisite mojitos and the rhythm of rumba and salsa: a trip to Cuba is a dream come true. If you have decided to make it come true and embark on an adventure to this amazing island, to enjoy your vacation to the fullest you will also need to feel comfortable. Therefore, before leaving, it is vital to arrange a health insurance that will provide you with health care in Cuba in case of need. Cuba is a safe country and its national health system is up to the standards of many destinations, but as in any place in the world it is always advisable to leave with your back covered and prevent the unexpected. This isn't just a recommendation: since 2010, travel insurance in Cuba is mandatory for all those who travel to this country, whether they are tourists or Cubans living abroad.

Although you can get insurance upon arrival to your destination, we strongly suggest to make your life easier and get your insurance for Cuba online before leaving. There is no minimum limit, but the insurance must be arranged with a licensed company in Cuba, so be careful not to obtain your travel insurance in Cuba from an American company, as it will not be accepted. Travel insurance in Cuba is not just a formality: even though the country is safe, there can always be some kind of health risks. The most common - besides potential accidents as in any other place in the world - are mild gastrointestinal viruses or more severe diseases such as Zika and Chikungunya, up to rare cases of infections such as cholera. A risk not to be underestimated, moreover, are cyclones that can occur in the months from June to November. If we add to this the fact that the costs of hospitalizations and operations are quite high and drugs may be in short supply due to the embargo, it is obvious that before leaving you should get yourself covered.


Thanks to EASY KUBA you can get your travel insurance in Cuba easily online. Specifically, EASY KUBA is the official agent of the Cuban insurance company ESICUBA having regular contract for selling travel insurances to Cuba. The major advantage of the ESICUBA insurance and the main difference from all other insurances is that in case of medical assistance you will NOT have to pay in advance: just call the central office of the insurance or the EASYKUBA team and it will be the Cuban government that will pay directly. With the other insurances, to receive assistance, you must call your own country to open the claim and pay the expenses in advance. In short, we want you to have a safe trip!

With EASY KUBA you can easily get your travel insurance in Cuba online, paying securely with most international credit cards. The cost of travel insurance in Cuba is flexible and adjustable according to the needs of each traveler: please check it now through our website. EASY KUBA also allows you to speed up your pre-departure paperwork by purchasing a visa and travel insurance in Cuba at the same time. Just like the insurance, the visa for Cuba (VISA or "tarjeta de turista") is mandatory and must be exhibited when boarding the flight to the island. Upon arrival it will be stamped by the customs authorities. It has a 30-day validity and can be extended to 60 days, and if you buy it online through our website you will receive it directly at your door in 48 hours, thus saving money and queuing up at the offices.