Easy and Affordable Medical Insurance for Cuba

Yes, You Need Medical Insurance to Visit Cuba! Let Us Handle Everything!Why You Probably Need to Purchase Health Insurance for Cuba

You can get medical coverage for Cuba for as low as $2.30 (€2) per day. Getting medical insurance for Cuba should be right at the top of your list if you're heading to this beautiful island nation known for its colorful architecture, balmy beaches and jazzy, soulful music. At Easy Kuba we let you select policies online that will ship straight your door quickly via DHL. Rest assured that you're getting authentic, trustworthy service when you obtain your coverage through Easy Kuba. We're recognized by ESICUBA as an official agent for providing policies to travelers from around the world! It's easy to get the task of obtaining covering checked off of your to-do list today without spending a ton! Get your travel insurance Cuba quote right here.

Headed to Cuba? You Need Medical Insurance!

Traveling to Cuba requires a bit more preparation than traveling to other Caribbean nations. Luckily, we help you take care of everything here at EasyKubaCover. The important thing to know when planning a trip to Cuba is that medical coverage is not a suggestion. As of 2010, all visitors to Cuba must show proof of medical coverage before being permitted to enter and stay. Taking care of this mandatory requirement as soon as possible is essential when planning your trip. This will help you get the best coverage for your dollar. You also want to ensure that you're obtaining coverage that will cover the necessary costs if you need to visit a doctor or hospital during your time in Cuba. Here's a rundown of some fast facts to know about the coverage requirements when visiting Cuba:

  • ● It is sometimes possible to purchase insurance upon arrival in Cuba. However, this option doesn't leave room for shopping around for the best policy. That means you'll likely pay more than you should.
  • ● There is no minimum ceiling required for a policy.
  • ● You must obtain an insurance policy from a company that is recognized in Cuba. Coverage through an American company will not be recognized!

At EasyKubaCover, we take the hassle out of searching for acceptable insurance coverage for your trip to Cuba. Our policies are fully recognized and accepted in Cuba. You can take care of coverage and your visa in one step when you put it all in the team's trusted hands here at EasyKubaCover!

Why You Probably Need to Purchase Health Insurance for Cuba

Don't assume that you don't need to purchase medical coverage for a visit to Cuba just because you have insurance at home. Many travelers don't realize that things like Medicare and private health insurance rarely provide coverage outside of the United States. The same is true for visitors from other countries. It's also possible that not all of your expenses will be covered even if you do have existing coverage from a source that is recognized by the Cuban government.

Let's Get Your Coverage Sorted Today!

At Easy Kuba, we know Cuba to be a safe and secure destination for visitors from around the globe. We've already helped countless people take care of visa and medical insurance requirements for visits to Cuba. However, there is always the possibility that you will need to receive medical care for one reason or another while visiting Cuba. Unfortunately, accidents do happen whenever people are visiting foreign places. Accidents, stomach viruses and sudden illness can all land you in the hospital. Additionally, specific viruses like Zika and chikungunya pose risks for people visiting nearly any location in the Caribbean. While minimal, there is also a chance that you could be injured by a tropical storm while spending time in Cuba during the storm season that lasts from June through November. Here's Easy Kuba's essential safety checklist for travelers headed to Cuba:

  • ● Always bring along all of your medications and wellness supplies. You can't always count on Cuban pharmacies to be stocked with the specific items you need.
  • ● Check with your doctor that you're fully current with all vaccines.
  • ● Avoid consuming tap water, raw fruits, raw vegetables or ice when dining in Cuba. Unfortunately, consuming these things could result in gastrointestinal issues.
  • ● Always watch for local weather reports while in Cuba. Hurricanes, intense storms and flash floods could put you in danger if you're driving on rural roads.

Why even think about risking high costs for hospitalizations, medical treatments or operations during your time in Cuba when you can simply lock in a policy that will cover costs today? That's precisely what we help travelers do every day here at Easy Kuba. We are an official agent of a leading Cuban insurance company called ESICUBA. That means that we're able to provide you with your very own travel insurance policy ahead of your visit that will be fully recognized and honored during your trip. We're proud to provide ESICUBA policies to our clients because of the many perks offered by this specific provider. ESICUBA significantly streamlines the process of getting your claim settled if you need to make a payment. Unlike most insurers in Cuba, ESICUBA won't require you to advance money if you need medical treatment. You can simply reach out to Easy Kuba to direct your payment to the Cuban government. Many other insurance providers in Cuba will require you to go through a complicated claims process that could make it difficult for you to leave Cuba.

What to Expect When Traveling in Cuba

It's important to have both your visa and proof of insurance coverage ready upon arrival in Cuba. You will be asked to present both before you're able to begin your trip. Unfortunately, you'll be asked to purchase last-minute insurance that could be unreasonably expensive if you don't obtain insurance before your journey. Make sure you're prepared by purchasing your policy online today when you get your visa through Easy Kuba. Our policies start at just $2.30 (€2) per day for coverage fully recognized and approved by Cuban authorities! We offer excellent customer support every step of the way! Save more on your trip to Cuba by combining your medical coverage and your visa! At Easy Kuba, we take care of them both for you at the same time. That means that your visa and insurance documents will arrive in the same secure, DHL-delivered package at the same time. All documents typically arrive within 72 hours of your request—our company ships all over the world. When you combine your visa and medical coverage, Easy Kuba gives you a discount of 10 percent! Get your travel insurance Cuba quote now.